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Sumpfland & Alien



2244 & 13189


Moki & Aisha Franz


2011 & 2019



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Sumpfland & Alien

Sticky Comics

von Felix Giesa

There is extensive comic material in which stickiness is and can be seen in a pornographic context. The same goes for brutal depictions of violence, in which bloody bodies and sticky wounds are shown. While all this has contributed to the bad reputation of comics, it has enabled them to develop aesthetically. Comics repeatedly deal with its central characteristics: The clearly separated panels are certainly a distinguishing feature. Artists such as Aisha Franz or Tommi Musturi cancel out the white space, gluing their panels together or smearing them into each other. As different as the storylines may be, the artistic approach of freeing oneself from any limitations in creating worlds is similar. , Signatur: 2244, Berlin 2019, Zeichnerin: Moki Alien, Signatur: 13189, Berlin 2011, Zeichner: Aisha Franz

Felix Giesa is the custodian of the Comic Archive in the Institute for Children's and Young Adult Literature at the Goethe University Frankfurt. This text was written in June 2023 for a pop-up exhibition within the conference "Sticky Films". The conference was organised by members of the PhD program Configurations of Film, and took Sara Ahmed's notion of 'stickiness' as a point of departure to discuss histories, theories and technologies of film-making.


Moki (2019) Sumpfland. Berlin: Reprodukt. Aisha Franz (2011) Alien. Berlin: Reprodukt.